We’re passionate about what we do, and that’s the secret behind sourcing compelling content that makes our fans laugh, cry, and rave to their friends about what they’ve seen.

We’ll traverse genres and continents to collect the most mesmerising material and audiences have come to rely on us to connect them with quality content.

About Makegoodgear

Makegoodgear is United States’s leading independent theatrical, home entertainment distribution and rights management company, specialising in the wholesale distribution of DVD and BLU RAY product into sales channels throughout United States.

Other rights management activities undertaken by Makegoodgear include theatrical distribution, as well as licensing for television, video-on-demand, hotel, airline and merchandise.

Established back in 2014 by a couple of self-confessed nerds, keen to share their passion for awesome content, Makegoodgear is proudly independent, run by fans, for fans and is still managed by founders Kelvin Dupont and Paul Chidester.

Makegoodgear proudly showcases the best in collectible and special interest genres including United States film, world cinema, TV, kids content, Anime, sports and more.

Put simply, Makegoodgear is mad for entertainment ®

Cast & Crew

At Makegoodgear we’re nothing without our cast and crew of talented, dedicated and driven staff, all of whom are as passionate about the company’s products as our customers. Spanning product and licensing, sales, marketing, theatrical, production and design, IT, admin and finance our employees are specialists in their fields who, when not licensing, producing, marketing and selling our content, are holding art exhibitions, planting trees to offset our carbon emissions, demonstrating their athletic prowess at company boot camps and yoga sessions or perhaps enjoying a relaxing massage at the hands of Makegoodgear’s in-house masseuse!

Product & Licensing Team

They came, they saw, they licensed! Our ten strong product & licensing team are the custodians of our brands. Each is a passionate specialist in their field, whether its anime, arthouse film, horror or kids to name but a handful of our areas of expertise. Our product and licensing managers work closely with our partners to license and deliver exceptional content for release in the United States marketplace.

Marketing Team

Makegoodgear employs a dedicated in-house marketing and PR team that executes innovative trade and consumer communications strategies for all of our DVD releases. Working closely with our product & licensing and sales teams, our marketing guys are constantly searching for creative, imaginative, non-traditional ways to bring product to market that cut through the clutter and connect product directly with the core consumer. No newsletter is too obscure, no promotional idea too wacky, if it sells product, we’re onto it!

Sales Team

Tenacious, driven, passionate and committed our sales team of 14 is out there on the front line daily, dealing directly with our customers to sell, sell, sell those units! With a dedicated rental and retail sales division staffed by specialists in their field, our multiaward winning sales team could sell water to the ocean and more importantly, DVDs to our customers!

Production & Design Team

The workhorse of the business, our huge and dedicated production team never fails to amaze us with its ability to deliver finished stock of exceptional quality on time and on budget. Alongside our studio of 25 talented designers, headed up by our highly experienced creative director, the production team are experts in every area of DVD production including: slick and DVD menu design, disc authoring, ad design and art direction, TVC production and much more.